The Private Social Networking and Customer Support App for Residents

Nehbor is the best way to stay in the know and make resident’s stay enjoyable at the apartment complex - whether it's socializing with fellow residents, submitting a repair request, paying their rent, being alerted about an upcoming water shutdown, getting a referral for a cleaner or hearing about a lost pet.

Additionally nehbor’s proprietary “Match engine” connects residents that work near each other (car-pool), have age-appropriate kids (play dates), are dog owners (pet care), or those that simply want to meet fellow residents (socialize).

Benefits for Property Managers Benefits for Property Managers

Nehbor is a private, by invitation only, mobile app for residents to communicate with each other and with their property management or Homeowner Association (HOA) staff.

By using Nehbor, Property managers can use their resident’s constant mobile connectivity to provide superior customer service and build trust with their residents.

Mobile Customer Support

  • Enable residents to submit support tickets for repair requests, booking amenities or to simply have a question answered.
  • Customize support categories like Repair requests, Questions, Concierge requests, Booking amenities, etc.
  • Get real-time notifications for new, updated, reassigned or overdue tickets.
  • Easily reassign tickets to support and maintenance staff, who access nehbor via a customized app designed just for supporting residents.
  • Click-to-call option for residents to call during office hours.
  • Dashboard to track all open, overdue and closed tickets. Everyone has visibility on ticket details and can drive them to resolution asap.

Seamless and Effortless Communication

  • Post announcements on the resident Feed like a water shutdown, pool party, alarm test, etc.
  • Communicate privately via the messenger app, like package pickup, confirm clubhouse reservation, rent reminders. See when a resident has read the message.
  • Resident directory to reach residents instantly, via private message or a phone call.

Communicate from anywhere using your phone.
Web based 'resident portals' are things of the past.

Superior customer service and an engaged resident community leads to happier residents. Happier residents lead to higher retention and more referrals!

Benefits for Residents Benefits for Residents

A private environment designed just for residents.
The easiest way to keep up with everything in their apartment complex.

Everything residents want to know and do, is right at their fingertips - on their smartphone. Their service requests, notifications from property managers, communicating and engaging with residents and much more.


Submit and track repair requests
  • - Take pictures and attach to tickets
Post or Comment on the resident feed page
  • - Get the word out about a lost pet
  • - Track down a babysitter or dog walker
  • - Buy and sell stuff
  • - Get a referral for cleaning services, auto mechanic, tutor, etc.

It's the easiest way for residents to engage with their property management staff and fellow nehbors!

There are so many ways our nehbors can help us, we just need an easier way to connect with them.

Based on resident's profile, they are automatically matched with other residents based on:
  • Proximity to work (car-pooling)
  • Families with age-appropriate kids (setup play-dates)
  • Dog owners (pet care, dog walking)
  • Common Interests/hobbies (skiing, hiking, biking, yoga, etc)
  • College Students or Alumni (study groups, watch college sports)
  • Second Language (Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, etc)
  • Socializing with other residents
Residents Download App
Download for IOS Download for Andriod Note: Must be registered by your property management company to use.

How it works How it works

Registers with nehbor

Property management company registers with nehbor.

Upload resident

Uploads list of residents, property managers and support staff's names and phone numbers.

Download the nehbor app

Users get a text, download the app, enter their phone number & start using it.
The app offers three custom experiences; for residents, property managers and support staff.

Transparent pricing, no hidden fees Transparent pricing, no hidden fees

$15 per user* per month

*property staff, customer service and maintenance staff that will need access to the nehbor mobile app. There are no setup fees.

Support Support

For more info and support, contact us!


Provide superior customer service and have an engaged, happy resident community.

Happier residents lead to higher retention and more referrals.